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  • Insights from your data using all of the World's Knowledge.

    Filter & Analyze your data by leveraging hundreds of ontologies, classifications and other knowledge sources.

Why Cerenode

Analysing and finding insights in your data involves applying existing knowledge to your data - knowledge from public data sources and your own data. Cerenode seamlessly brings together all Healthcare & Life Sciences knowledge to enable you to derive insights effortlessly. Our customers use Cerenode to answer a wide spectrum of questions.


  • Deep Domain Knowledge

    Leverage hundreds of knowledge resources such as ontologies, vocabularies and databases to enrich your analyses. Find out more.

  • Custom Ontologies

    Enable subject matter experts to create and manage custom ontologies and vocabularies to manage your knowledge base.

  • Deep Filtering

    Filter and analyze your data through layers of information across sources using our semantic graph technology. Find out More.

  • Biomedical Text Mining

    Unlock valuable insights in unstructured data such as PubMed, Clinical Trials and Health Records using our state-of-art biomedical text mining algorithms.

  • Biomedical Data Integration

    Unify heterogeneous biomedical data from your experiments, health records and public data sources.

  • Data Sciences

    Apply Machine Learning and Statistical paradigms to surface patterns that are relevant and insightful to your analytics. Visualize using powerful and interactive charts.


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  • Semantic Graph Technology

    At the heart of Cerenode is its semantic graph technology that explicitly maps every biological entity and relationships between them. Think of it as a vast and comprehensive map of knowledge across life sciences, pharma and healthcare. It enables us to understand and map thousands of biological entities and relationships in your data. The semantic graph covers hundreds of publicly available vocabularies, ontologies and taxonomies such as MeSH, UMLS, Orphanet, ICD-10, RxNorm, Gene Ontology and diverse data types such as Pathways, Protein interactions, Drug interactions, Mutations and Clinical Trials among others.

  • Deep Filtering

    Based on the semantic graph, Cerenode is able to filter and retrieve data using information that is not natively present in your data. This is done by identifying nodes in the semantic graph that may be relevant to your analyses and tracing the path from those nodes to your data. Your data is segmented and filtered across many nodes in the semantic graph – taking you through layers of information related to your data (click here for details). Example: For proteins in my data, which homologs are drug targets with Phase 0 clinical trials? 

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  • Visually Interactive Analytics

    Users can easily Segment, Filter and Analyze their data using the interactive visualizations and easy-to-use user interfaces.

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  • Powerful API

    Cerenode's flexible APIs enable software developers and data scientists to leverage Cerenode's technology within their applications.

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