• Name
  • The Knowledge Graph Advantage

    Exploring new ideas is faster and cheaper aided by a poweful combination of preloaded data sets and accelerated ingestion.

  • Loaded and Ready To Go

    The Knowledge Graph comes pre-loaded with the latest versions of several public domain databases. The pre-built ontology is extensible and customizable.

  • Accelerated  Ingestion 

    Extend the Knowledge Graph by adding your data sets. Adding data sets is swift and simple using our proprietary tools and extensive vocabulary.

  • Explore New Ideas Faster

    Your custom Knowledge Graph is flexible and allows exploration of new ideas. It is easily extensible to incorporate new data sets and enhance ontologies.

Data to Insights: Knowledge Discovery Challenges

Ingesting data across public and proprietary sources and connecting them in a semantically accurate manner to generate a knowledge graph is a challenging task.

  • Data Ingestion

    Integrating Public & Proprietary Data

    Intelligently connect across heterogenous data such as Diseases, Trials, Assays etc.

  • Data Normalization

    Semantic Enhancement & Connections

    Normalize Disease names, Drug/Compound names to account for varied nomenclature.

  • Insight Generation

    Analysis & Visualization

    Ranking Therapeutic areas

    Prioritizing Targets by Expression levels, Pathways etc.